Saturday, March 19, 2011

The next Generation..

Impromtu Noodle Class

Some of you have seen my noodle making video on TheMrsVolfie's Youtube account..if is is...

But Earlier today My Young Friend Nancy Dropped by..with her, were some relatives who live fairly far away..Carly apparently has heard much about my blog from Nancy and before we knew Impromptu Noodle making class broke out..

Here is Little Tess supervised by mom Carly..Tess is rolling out the noodle dough like a pro..I have a noodle roller and cutter..but like my first time..all first timers learn the old way first!
Here Carly cuts the rolled up noodle dough into strands..Tess is the self Proclaimed roller..and is hanging onto the next piece of dough!

Surprise and delight at how easy it really is!

Mother and Daughter cut up the last roll and lay it out on waxed paper..which will be rolled up and taken home to try  out in some soup!

It is heartwarming to see the next generations interest in going back to the old ways..Carly who is the same age as my elder son..and her daughter Tess..Warmed my heart today by not just showing interest..but leaping right in to try it out! My hope for the future generations is restored!

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