Friday, September 17, 2010

Silent Quilt Auction


If you wish to bid on this quilt, here are the details..People who have already sent me their addresses will soon be receiving these documents in the mail!
Happy Bidding!  All you need to do is print off the bidding slips..fill them out..and e-mail me at for my mailing address.

Hello Everyone!

As many of you know..I have spent the last five years working on a quilt. This quilt was a particular challange as the pattern is called " Grandmothers flower Garden" My Dear aunt Jane once told me not to attempt it as it would "break my heart" So I got Stubborn. This quilt is hand pieced..which means..That the more than 1500, two and a half inch pieces are ALL hand sewn together...This is also all Hand quilted..meaning that all the stitching holding the 3 layers all by hand. The only machine the placing of the finishing was machine stitched on the front..then folded over hand finished on the back with invisible stitching. There is approximately 250 hours of work in this quilt. The fabrics are of cotton and mixed cotton has a polyester fiberfill lining and the backing is also a mixed blend. The Quilt is Queen sized and drapes comfortabley over a queen bed with a 4-6 inch drape over the edge.

The last time I attempted this..I had a raffle..Unfortuntely there were several people who did not feel comfortable a chance type lottery and asked should I do this again...would I please offer it for sale. That is what I am now doing. This is a Silent Auction.

What this means is..I am enclosing photos and bidding slips.

I am not ASKING ANYONE to bid on this quilt..but if they wish to..or know someone who may wish to..they may pass along the information. Should someone wish to bid..They simple fill in the bidding slip with the highest bid they feel comfortable with and mail it to me..NO PAYMENTS OF ANY KIND PLEASE. Only the WINNING bidder will receive notice of payment due Plus shipping ( only the exact shipping amount will handling charges). Bidding will Close On November 1st 2010 This means I need to receive any bids by this date. The winning Bidder will be notified immediately and can expect to receive their quilt before Christmas.

Due to the amount of work involved in this Quilt...I have to set a reserve bid..This means the absolute minimum that I am willing to accept for this quilt. The starting bid is $750. I know this is a large amount..however..if it were to go at this price...I would be receiving $3 an hour for my work..and that is NOT counting materials. Just Labour.

Having said all that. I hope you will consider this auction..and if not, pass it along to someone you know who may!

Thanks for your time.


Beverley Ironside Foley

Bidding Slip for Silent Quilt Auction

Starting Bid $750

Name in Print__________

Your Max Bid_________


Phone Number Where you wish to be notified if you Win the auction.


All Bids MUST be received By Noverber 1st 2010

That is the closing date.

Top Finished and being layered  to put on the frame.

All Hand stitched.

                                             On the frame and being quilted!
From the underside.

Yours Truly!

After Trimming and bindign the turns out it is only a double..but I am still very proud of the outcome...


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Absolutely beautiful!!!!!!