Sunday, October 17, 2010

Homemade Laundry Soap

Clean and Fresh!

I Don't know about anyone else..But if I can find a way to save money and have quality at the same time? I will Try it at least once.  I researched Laundry soap on the Internet.  There seems to be a few recipes..but they all have 3 ingredients in common. 
Arm and Hammer Washing Soda ( not Baking Soda)
and a bar of soap..sunlight, Ivory, Fels Naptha or even pure lye soap..just so long as there is no MOISTURIZER in the soap..but the purer the better.
So of COURSE i took in upon myself to try it out. 
And it WORKS!!

Here is how you do it!
gather you ingredients..Borax and Arm and hammer Washing soda are not always easy to find..but I find Home Hardware carries all three ingredients I use.

Measure out ...
1 Cup Arm&Hammer Washing soda
1/2 Cup Borax
And grate your bar of soap on a cheese Grater. The finer the better.

In a stainless steel pot..add several cups of warm water and the grated soap..and bring it to a low boil..stirring until soap is melted.
While it is heating fill a five gallon pail with about 15 litres or 3-4 gallons of WARM water.
When your soap is melted..

Pour it into the warm water that is waiting in the bucket ..being sure to stir as you pour to mix it well.

Then you can go ahead and mix in your borax and A&H washing soda.
Once you have mixed your "soap up" Go ahead and cover with a towel or lid and let stand undisturbed for 24-36 hours.  What you will end up with is a slick jelly like liquid that is just as good as any other laundry soap on the market..without the additives and perfumes! 
Use 1/2 to 3/4 Cup in your was for regular loads..3/4 to 1 cup for large loads. This is a low Sudsing Soap don't add more to your wash if you don't see suds...More is NOT better.

*  If you have hard water you can add an extra half cup of the A&H and an extra 1/4 cup of the Borax to the mix..and it might be a good Idea to use spring water or distilled water for the soap itself if yours is hard.
I worked it out to about between 2.7 and 3 cents a load..and think of all the PLASTIC BOTTLES you no longer have to buy!!!
I saved my last two laundry soap bottles and just refill them!


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