Sunday, August 22, 2010

From Scratch Spaghetti Sauce!

Sauce from Scratch!
( Please be NOT attempt to can this unless you have a pressure canner and follow manufacturers instructions..otherwise..freeze it)

Yesterday I made fourteen 1 litre jars of spaghetti sauce with meat. I have a lovely big pressure canner that holds 7 of these jars at once.
Here's what you will need...

two 12 quart baskets or just over a half bushel of tomatoes...try and make sure at least HALF you tomatoes are ROMA tomatoes ( the oval plum shaped type)  These tomatoes have more flesh and less water.
A LARGE that will hold 20 litres.   (A Large canning pot will do)
two, 13 oz cans of tomato paste
3-5 pounds of extra lean ground beef.
3-4 LARGE green peppers. ( cored and diced)
2 pounds of onions. (peeled and diced)
4-5 cups of washed and thin sliced mushrooms.
1/2 tsp Cayenne pepper.
2 heads of garlic. ( peeled and sliced)
12 tbs basil ( fresh or dried)
2tsp Oregano ( fresh or dried)
1 TBS ground black pepper
3TBS salt
1/4 cup brown sugar

First you need to get the tomatoes cooking before you prep you veggies.
A day or so before you are planning on making this sauce...put your baskets of tomatoes in the can transfer them into bags if you want.
When frozen put them in a large bowl ( I use and old baby bath tub) and pour boiling water over them...the skins will split. 

With a paring knife cut off the stem end and the skin should slip right off..plop the skinned tomato in your pot...continue to do this until you pot is FULL!!

This is not full..but you get the idea...set these tomatoes on medium heat and bring to a slow sure to stir no and then so they don't scorch on the bottom...cook until you have a nice thick consistency and what appears to be gone.

Get you ground beef and seasonings Browning in another large pot..and while that is browning..start peeling and dicing your veggies!

Then add you veggies to the browned seasoned meat..stir until cooked..them remove from heat and cover and set aside until your tomatoes are cooked down.

Once the tomatoes have reduced by one third of their original volume..add the tomato paste and sugar.  The sugar is essential to minimizing the acid from the tomatoes.  At this point you can add the meat mixture and cook until your desired consistency.

At this point you can allow it to cool..and place in containers for freezing.  If you are going to pressure can the sauce..prepare your jars and lids according to manufacturers directions.
Fill your jars to 3/4 of an inch from the top with HOT sauce..running a rubber spatula around the inside to dislodge any bubbles...seal with lids and process in a PRESSURE CANNER at 10 pounds pressure for 90 minutes for Quart..70 minutes for pints!


Laura said...

hey Bev, do you freeze them just to make it easier to peel? I've been making lots of sauce, but dropping them in boiling water and then ice water to split the skins....

Half Acre Homestead said...

I freeze them for two hhold them until I am ready to cook them..and split the skins..its a LOT easier. Just pour boiling water over them and WHAMO..the skins alide right off as soon as you grab them.