Thursday, July 1, 2010

Poultry Tractor!

Hey Folks!

The poultry Tractor is done...or Almost..It still needs the wheels..but Howard forgot to buy Carriage bolts..but that can wait until next week...Unlike the previous tractor I made..THIS one was made by my husband and is MUCH sturdier and will last quite a few seasons!  It is also studier because this one is Housing Turkeys! Yes they are finally in their home..and once the wheel are on..they will be able to be moved to fresh ground from time to time with minimal fuss! Here it is Being Built!

This is the floor..The whole frame is made of  Eight foot spruce 2x3's..The floor is laid with 2x4 fourteen gauge fence support the weight of the birds when we move it and to keep predators out.

Once the frame was constructed..Howie tore down a dog cage that we bought at a yard sale..and used the panels and latches ..We were dividing the cage into two is 4 feet by 5 feet for the three large white they will grow much bigger than the heritage bronze turkeys..the other side is 3 feet by 4 I said..they will be periodically moved to fresh grass  so that they will always be clean!

The Centre is divided with a piece of the 2x4 fourteen gauge fencing..this way they can visit..the the larger turkeys will not hurt the smaller ones.  Howard is putting a tin back and roof on the tractor to give the birds more shelter from inclement weather. The handles you see are like that of a wheel that the tractor can be easily moved.

We have moved in now..and Howard is nailing down the roof.

Here they are..all safe and sound..the large white on the left and the smaller bronze on the right...I have given them some straw in a corner for bedding..the smaller chicks actually have a milk crate on it's side with some straw in it..because until today..they lived in the relative coziness of the front porch.  As you can see..I have reinforced the cage panels with chicken wire to ( hopefully) keep out weasels!

TA DA!!!
Thank you Once again Howard..for being the amazing man you are!!


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