Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Barn!

The Barn is Done!

Well Folks..I promised an update and here it is!! The barn is Done and we have 3 Goats in one of the pens..being as we only have a half acre..the barn is small..but it more than fits our needs! It was mostly built by my husband..but on July 10th Family came and helped lay the floor..start the fence and build the hay loft doors! The ground floor is 12x18..the main part being 12x12 with two 6x6 box stalls.

The one on the left holds tools and hay right now..and the one on the right houses the 3 billy goats can just see Tweedle Dee peeking between the slats of the door! The left stall will House a one month old calf come Sunday!
Here are pictures from start to finish!

There is is Folks! Isn't it a beauty?? Complete with a 50' by 50' fenced Paddock for them to romp in!!
Took just a little over a month to complete..with my husband working evenings and weekends!

Since This was posted..we have a new occupant in the barn!!
Meet Red!


PoohBear said...

Loverly, The boys did a very good job. I'm sure your very proud.

Anonymous said...

A cow? Seriously? ;P

Anonymous said...

Now that's a barn to be proud of.
Its not only functional and practical it is beautiful!