Friday, June 18, 2010


Goats and Turkeys and CHickens... OH MY!!

Well I'ts happening folks! The small Goat barn is rising...

And It is going to be wonderful! Howie has been working on it almost every night after work and most of the weekend!
Last night went went and bought the fence posts to fence in part of the front wooded area!
Last week we visited my new friend lynn..she raises goats and is arranging the purchase of two Alpines for me from a friends of hers.  I can't WAIT to start making Goats milk yogurts and cheeses!!

In other news I have 6 turkey poults!
Three are large whites that came from the hatchery and are almost 3 weeks old...

And Three more hatched from my incubator..they are a heritage turkey..they will not grow as big..but but they lack in size..they will make up for in flavour and beauty!
For those of you who don't already know..the chicken chicks I hatched and was raising for meat we invaded by a weasel..and out of 10 birds..I have two left.  They will soon be going into the hen house as a part of the laying flock..and a very kind lady down the road who is ordering a large flock of meat chicks..has kindly offered to sell me ten at the beginning of next month!
So my freezer will not lack!  Also in the fall my lady friend who raises goats..also has a dairy farm..and has consented to selling us a hind quarter of beef in the fall...we had decided to no longer eat beef because we could not find anyone local to buy from..and also..because the meat in the grocery store..more often came from the US..and we don't agree with their feeding and raising methods of "beef for sale"
But this beef is Hay and grass fed and after having a sample of it..we wanted some.
On a final note..last night while we ate dinner..a bid old wild turkey came sauntering out of the bush into our yard..and walked straight up our driveway! He was to fast or I would have caught him on camera..but Having raised turkeys in the past..I would say he weighed WELL over 25 pounds!!
Welcome to PARADISE!
Anyway I will update the garden section later today!


Jayashiangel said...

Tell Howie as usual he is doing a good job getting things built..Can't wait to see more pictures of the new family members :O) They are as cute as a button...Keep up the good work...I am still checking on sources for you guys here...Off today to a meat market to see what they have 4 you two..

Pamela said...

Hoping to visit and see your little patch of paradise soon. Keep up the great work in inspiring us all to make a small difference for the environment every day. Hugs!