Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Arizona in May...

Home Made Ice Cream!!
Hey Everyone!!
As some of you may know..this week Howard and I are in Arizona.  Yesterday while cruising a thrift shop I can across a Six Quart Ice cream maker!! For $4.99!!!! WELL! I just HAd to have THAT didn't I?? 

 Someday soon we are hoping to have some goats for milk and meat..And an Ice Cream maker fits right in with that agenda...But of course..If I am going to bring this puppy home..I wanted to make sure it worked..so Today we made Ice Cream.
The fruit is in the picture..however it will be added as a topping later. I will update the picture then. Here is my recipe.

8 organic farm fresh eggs ( oh yeah..NOT a low cholesterol treat by any means!!)
6 cups Homo milk
3 cups whipping cream
16 packets of stevia
3 TBLS vanilla extract.

Crack the eggs into a bowl and wisk until they are lemon yellow.

Add the 6 cups Homo Milk and stevia and wish thoroughly.
Tranfer into a double boiler ( which I don't have so I used a roasting pan of water and a sauce pan) And stirring slowly heat over high until custard thickens. Once the custard thickens..take out of the double boiler and allow to cool. While this is cooling prepare you ice cream maker.
Have Your husband ( or a handy teenager) pound a bag of ice  until it is fairly crushed.

When the Custard is cool..stir in the whipping cream and vanilla..and transfer it all into the cream container. Put the paddle inside..clip the lid on the contatiner and lock down the stirring motor.

Once it is all locked down..plug in the motor and turn it on.  While the cream container is spinning..start adding crushed ice, salt and water in layers around the spinning container.  I added crushed ice about 3 inches deep..then poured salt on the ice from a salt container doing two full loops around...then I poured in a half cup of cold water..I repeated this process until the ice,salt and water was 3 inches above the level of the cream mixture in the container.
Thirty minutes later..the ice cream make stopped..and this is what we had!!!


Even Though he got to lick the paddle..this delicious treat will be saved for after supper..when it will be garnished with fresh strawberries and blue berries!

Ps..you see me wearing two different shirts..because while it was mixing..we went outside and planted a cactus and I got STUCK!!

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Looks fantastic!!!!!