Monday, February 1, 2010

Spring is coming!

Hey Everyone!

Today is February first..and I don't know about the rest of the world..but MY new year starts with spring...A favorite high water mark sign for me.. that spring is seeing the garden seed displays popping up in stores!  I am so looking forward to digging my feet into the soil..turning my face to the sun and taking that first deep cleansing breath of spring air!!  So YES!! I bought my seeds..I also bought a proper incubator and egg turner!

I was going to use my home built one..however..I want to set 40 eggs to hatch...and hand turning those three times a day will seriously stagger the temperatures inside the I invested in this...I will keep you posted..I will be setting eggs near the end of March. I plan on raising the hatched birds for meat ( raising them in my chicken tractor from an earlier post) and also saving some of the hens to refresh my flock!
I am  planting a "three sisters" patch in my garden this year...This is a native technique in companion planting that combines corn..climbing beans and squash...I will also keep you updated on that score as well! As You may remember from an earlier post..Back in September..I covered roughly 400 square feet of grass with sheets of tin from my old roof to kill the grass in preperation for the garden...and I bought the plans for a "whizbang chicken plucker" Which my husband will build for me this year..hopefully before butchering time!  In other words..We have spent a lot of time preparing for this coming should be a doozy!  Hope you all enjoy the blogs to come!
Happy New Year everyone!

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