Saturday, October 3, 2009

NOthing goes to waste!

Even without Pigs..nothing goes to waste on this little homestead!
Yesterday I bought three lovely buttercup squash from the market. ( I did not have a proper garden this year) I like to use buttercup squash in my pies if I can get makes it more colourful and full bodied in flavour..

If you read the ingrediants of canned WILL see squash in the ingrediants.
Anyway I cut them up..peeled them..diced them..and am steaming the cubes as we speak.  Here is how the WHOLE squash gets used.

On the left you will see the seeds I am saving for next year..In the tin cake pan are the choicest bits of throw off for the roosters I am fattening up..In the white bowl is the compost bits and in the green contatiner is what is going into the steamer...this is the last bit..the rest is almost done!
My Roosters and hens run to get my attention when they see me coming..spoiled brats! They may not be free range..but boy is the meat and the eggs gonna be GOOOOD!

As you can see..the roosters are LOVING the "treats " they so often get!

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