Saturday, October 10, 2009

Chicken processing day...Caution graphic nature

Hey Folks!
The dreaded day came today..It has been a long time since I killed and cleaned a chicken...and the last time I did it I was NOT thrilled with it..but food is a fact of I spent  many hours watching techniques on you tube and armed with knowledge..I "Got 'er Done"
Hubby helped me set up and carried many buckets of water..and he took the pictures..but from laying the first bird down to wrapping it for the freezer took all of about 50 minutes for 3 will be faster next year when I have the automatic chicken plucker..

Lay the bird down putting a 2x2 on its neck..step on the board on either side of neck..grasp the feet and gently but firmly pull until you feel the neck snap.

Wait to count of 10 or 15..Then continue to pull until head parts from neck.
Allow chicken to bleed out.

Dunk and swirl the bird in water that has been heated to 145-160 degrees farenheit. Dunk and swirl for about 10 seconds..testing by pulling out a wing tip feather..if it comes out easy..its ready..too long or too hot..cooks the skin.

Pluck Pluck Pluck..There is a bucket of cold water behind me to "chill" the birds in before I ..clean them out.

Cutting off the feet..the oil gland at the base of the tail and the neck..

The Nasty Part..but I am smiling because its not as bad as I remember..And YES thats a skull and cross bones kerchief on my head!


These birds were rinsed several times in clean water and wrapped ing butcher paper for the freezer..I had a shower and am now enjoying me tea..quite proud of myself!! A special thanks to Howard for helping me set up the heavy work and taking the photos!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

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Nikandre Kore said...

Wow, you are amazing! I really am humbled by your dedication to self sufficiency. Wow you really need to come over for tea and help me figure out a game plan... You enjoy your cup of tea girl, you deserve it!