Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My New Chicken Tractor!

Here it is folks!  My Chicken Tractor!

Proof that anyone can build one..this was built by myself and my 16 year old son..

neither of us have much handyman experience..Howard usually does all that...but he was insulating the basement..and gave us a few words of advice...and lots of encouragment! We started it Saturday..but weather being a factor..I didn't get it done until today...

Right Now it is housing the 4 Roosters I am fattening up for the freezer.. Well...ONE will be spared to keep the girls company..I have put in plenty of straw because it is getting cold at nights..and there are only 4, so they don't need much room..

Next Year it will house about a dozen birds up to their 12 th week of age..then layers will be removed and the rest fattened for the freezer...Now that I can build one..I might make another this size to fatten a couple of turkeys in Next Year!

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