Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Natural Fruit Fly Solution!

Natural Fruit Fly Solution!

This was submitted to me by my cousin..Our mothers were sister..but my mother having passed whil I was young..I missed this "Old Timer" triick!
Thanks Jane!

I have this nifty little thing that mom used to do in canning season. It was passed down from her mom and so on...... This year was a very bad year for the dreaded fruit fly'.

 Easy answer. Just sit this on your counter or window sill.

1 old jar with lid

1/2 cup any vinegar (I prefer cider)


1 -poke a couple of small holes in the lid

2 -pour the vinegar in

3 -watch the little bums get drunk and fall back in and croak.

4 -empty was and refill when needed.

There is also the Fruit Fly Funnel...
But I like the jar lid better...

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