Sunday, September 20, 2009

My NEW more STABLE incubator

Well first incubator was too deep to get the temperature I used the same pinrciples..and built a smaller one with a is its!

It is smaller and only needs a 25 watt bulb and computer fan to keep it at a steady 102 Degrees F.

You can't see it but in the bottom is a shallow dish with water in it for humidity.
I went to a neighbours farm today..and found that she was not using or eating her bantamn eggs...They SHOULD be fertile..but I don't know for sure..but she gave me 4 for a trial run.

They are marked with and X on one side and an O on the other..( Using a soft graphiote pencil as not to mess with shell integrity)..they will be turned over every 8 hours..I have chosen times I am always up..6 am..2 pm and 10 pm...the X's and O's will help me to rememeber when they were turned.
Wish me luck!

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