Thursday, August 2, 2012

For All My friends Who Can't watch my videos!

I Have heard a lot of disaster stories about canning
potatoes..It is simple really. The only following instructions!
Here we Go!
Small New Potatoes are best..But you can process bigger ones..just make sure they are new and fresh..
wash and dice to about 1-1& 1/2 inches..cutting off any spoiled or iffy spots.
Place in a large stock pot..this pot is holding 10 pounds of potatoes.  Turn the burner on high. ALWAYS start with COLD water!
Bring to a boil and then turn down to a bubbling simmer for 10 FULL MINUTES!!!
This is crucial!!!
Strain the potatoes and reserve the liquid to fill your jars with.
Gently pack your hot potatoes into hot sterile canning jars to one inch from the top of the jar.
Add 1/2 teaspoon of salt NON IODIZED.
Ladle hot reserved potato water over your spuds to one inch from the top of jar.
De-Bubble By running the handle of a spatula in and around the potatoes. This releases all the air bubbles.
With a clean cloth wipe the rim of the jars
and put on you hot sterile lids. Screw down the bands to finger tip tight.
Pack into your pressure canner.the jars can touch..but must NOT be TIGHTLY packed together.
I have 15 pints in the canner here. 8 on the bottom rack and a rack in between to support the top layer.
There is 2 inches of boiling water in the bottom of the canner and about an ounce of vinegar to help keep the jars from clouding  on the outside from well water minerals.
Lock on lid and when you have a STEADY STREAM OF STEAM...allow the canner to vent for 10 minutes..thus ensuring that all air is pushed out of the canner.
Once the canner has vented..put the weight gauge on and wait for it to jiggle vigorously ..when this happens..SLOWLY turn down the heat a little at a time..( If you turn it down to will lose pressure and have to start over)until it is a gentle rocking or spinning motion..
Once your weight begins to jiggle vigorously..start timing your canner. You process pints for 30 minutes and 40 minutes for Quarts.
when your timer goes off..shut off the canner and allow to completely cool before opening.

NEVER rapid cool your canner by releasing steam early or by putting you canner into cold water.
Always wait until you canner is cool enough that you can lay you hand comfortably on the lid..and ALWAYS open the lid AWAY from you to prevent escaping steam in your face.
Follow manufacturers directions if you live 1000 feet or more ABOVE sea level.
Label, Date and store away for a rainy day!



cometkatt said...

I LOVE your video's - I really appreciate how detailed and concise they are. there are so many bits others don't mention that you do.I am trying to teach myself to can this year & i am trying potatoes today :)!
1 question if I may? i seem to have the same kind of pressure canner (no pressure gauge) but it only came with 1 rack. how do you stack your jars? can one buy a second rack somewhere? thanks and THANK YOU for the major help your videos provide :) -- rj - a new fan

cometkatt said...

did my first potatoes today. followed your instructions and they came out GORGEOUS! thank you :)

JoAnn said...

Bev, I just wanted to share with you this video on rendering snow-white lard for pastry baking.