Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dehydrating Beans

Alternative to Canning!!

I love Canning!! Especially green beans! Maybe it is because Mom didn't have a lot of freezer space and we ate a lot of tinned veggies..whatever the reason..canned green beans are my favorite!
What if you don't have a lot of freezer space OR shelf space? Then Dehydrating is for you!
It is a fact that after and extended period of time, Frozen food lose flavour, nutrients and even edibility! And Canned foods..even home canned..lose a certain amount of nutrients in Processing ( Not to mention flavour)
But Dehydrated food retain approx 80 plus percent of there nutrients and can be stored indefinitely if properly sealed! Also the take up Less shelf space..can be stored almost anywhere at any temperature and humidity levels! ( when Properly sealed)  So this year I plan on making my dehydrator earn it's KEEP! Let's start with beans fresh from the garden shall we? 
These are Burgundy and Yellow  bush beans straight from my garden. ( heirloom organic) The first picking is always I decided it would be faster and easier to dehydrate them! 
Always use the freshest produce available.
Wash and cut your beans into your preferred size.
While you are cutting up your beans, set  to boiling, enough water to cover your beans in the pot..add a little salt. When water is boiling..drop the beans in and boil for 2 minutes. Effectively blanching them.
The WONDERFUL thing about these burgundy that they turn GREEN once blanched..actually telling you when they are ready!  After they are blanched drain and dump into cold water.  When cool drain and pat dry.
Begin laying your beans on your dehydrator tray.
be sure they do not touch each other.
When all the beans are on the trays..close your dehydrator and set to 130 DF and run for 8-12 hours. You will know they are "done" when you break a bean in half and there is NO moisture content what so ever inside the bean!
The don't LOOK appetizing but can be quickly plumped back up by dropping into a pot of boiling water.  AND enough beans for 3-4 people will fit into a one cup Jelly jar!
So Why let a lack of freezer or shelf space stop you from stocking up while fresh produce is in season?


IronRose said...

Very coooool. My seester is sooo smart.♥

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Why Thank you!