Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Free Fire Wood!!

Blessings Abound!!

Last Spring we had to have a Very large tree removed.
It was over 65 years old and over 70 feet tall. 

 Our Problem was that is was a Spruce and WAY to close to the house. We had seen a local Ad for a company called  So we gave them a call.  They came out the next day and gave us an estimate.  They explained that the tree would be professionally taken down..

that they were fully insured.

 Also, they would cut up the wood, remove it if need be and mulch the smaller branches.  

All for a VERY reasonable price.
We were very fortunate.. because 4 months later we had a SEVER storm that took down several trees on our property and left us without power for three days.  Had that tree been there..I am sure We would once again be replacing our roof!

This past week, almost exactly one year later, We received a phone call.
Jean Lecasse

Had taken down 3 large trees from a local client.
But they did not want the wood. And Jean himself already had as much as he needed.  As an alternative to it going in the landfill..we were asked.. "did we want the wood?"
It was already cut up..we just needed to haul it away and split it!!
What A Blessing! When we arrived on the was to discover the wood was mostly hard wood..of Maple, Birch and some poplar!
Even with the truck and trailer it took 7 trips to get it all!
What  blessing! Now we just need to split it and pile it! When that is done..we should have fifteen cord of wood for next winter!
So remember folks..if you burn wood for heat..Get to know you local tree removal company!
Even if you live in the city..they don't always have a ready source to dispose of the wood.  It is one of those things where EVERYONE benefits!
Thanks to Howie, my husband, Briar, my son and Briars friend Alex. For spending all day Saturday loading, hauling and unloading wood!!
Again, a special Heartfelt thanks
Jean Lecasse
For next winters firewood! We appreciate it more than we can say!!



Anonymous said...

Very Cool.
Very resourceful of you.

Half Acre Homestead said...

I like to think so! ;D