Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pesticide Free Garden Bug Control and Growing Tips

Home Made Spray and String!

Hey Everyone! Despite the tent I put over my cabbages ( which are doing WONDERFULLY!) The IS a tiny bit of bug damage..although not as much as there would be without the tent. So Today I am Going to share a few tips I have picked up along the way. The First is the spray for the Cabbage and Broccoli...most of my other plants get along well without any kind of help against bugs..however cabbage and broccoli are a gourmet delight for bugs...and if you want a pesticide free garden you have to take certain measures..such as my cabbage tent.

However that is not always enough..so I made a spray a read about..now I make mine a little stronger than the recipe calls for..but then I never WAS good with recipes.  The recipe is...

1TBS molasses
1tsp liquid dish soap ( NOT DISHWASHER soap)
1 Litre of warm water.

Mix and spray on your cabbages on top and under the leaves..the molasses helps it stick..and the dish soap deters the bugs.  NOW..I have not tried this before..so you may want to check for an update in a day or two and I will let you know how my plants tolerate it.

Here is my cabbage just sprayed...another thing..we have Bees ..this should NOT bother them as cabbage are NOT a flowering plant.

This is one of my broccoli plants...I did not intend on planting broccoli..but I do sprouts as well..and had enough seed left over to plant..but not to use in the sprouter..let's hope these are a good quality broccoli plant huh?
Another thing I like to do..and which seems to be doing a fairly nice job on it's own..is to plant french marigolds in between certain plants..such as the broccoli..my peppers and tomatoes.

NOW...Most of my tomato plants are in hangers..however  the ones I plant in the ground..are vulnerable to SLUGS...I have heard of the beer can solution...but not being drinkers..we don't HAVE beer around..so here is what I do. If tomatoes are vulnerable to SLUGS...SLUGS are vulnerable to egg shells!! Yes Eggs shells...Here is what I do..whenever I make eggs..I rinse the shells ( from raw eggs)  and set them upside down on a window sill to dry..When dry and brittle..I drop them into a jar and crush them with a wooden spoon..slightly smaller than baby fingernail size.

These I sprinkle around the base of the tomato plants..the sharp edges deter the slugs because their underbellies are very delicate!  So you can sprinkle there around the base of ANY plant that is bothered by slugs!
OK! On to CELERY! The seasonal garden centre at our local grocery store had a few plants left and the prices were cut in half! So NATURALLY I couldn't resist a bargain...so I snatched up two boxes of celery plants...A lot of people don't like to plant celery because it can be difficult to grow and never seems to turn out like the ones in the store...Two tips..WATER and string!! Celery LOVE water..they are FULL of it..so keep them watered regularly..more than any other plant! And as they grow..gently tie a cotton string around the stalks to draw them together so that they will grow in a bunch.

Start when they are at about 10 inches in height..you don't want to wait to much long or it will be difficult to "train them"
Take care and happy Gardening!
If the Spray above does not work..try this...
1tsp dish soap
1/2 a jalapeno pepper
1tsp mineral ( baby ) oil
1 litre water..

Chop the pepper fine in the blender with one cup of the water and strain through a super fine mesh or coffee filter..( thus preventing your sprayer from clogging) PLEASE wear RUBBER GLOVESwhile working with the pepper and spraying..and do not spray on a FLOWERING plants.


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