Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer begins in Earnest!

Very Busy Weekend!

This weekend was very busy..We had two goats that were no longer " pulling their weight" so they needed to be "harvested"  Also a dairy goat farmer let us know that his most recent kidding produced a lot of Male kids..and that we could have up to 6 for $10 we bought to eventually be our Stud...
the other two we "banded" and will grow up to be harvested in the spring.  At the same time we arrived home with our new two nephews and eldest son came for a visit!

In the mean time..we harvested the two older goats..
and Howard and my nephew Mikey went to work butchering.

After That was done and the roasts rolled..and the extra ground..We made Sausages! Breakfast style and supper style..21 METRES!!

We ended up with 6 Roasts, 9 packets of Ground meat and 21 metres or 24 packages of sausage!
Andrew and Howie assembled and added two new supers to the hives...
The little black hen hatched out 12 eggs and because they were unexpected and not planned for..we sold them to a neighbour.
some have Green dots on their heads to tell them apart from the meat chicks they were cuddling up to until they were taken to their new home.
And at 47 years old..I find myself bottle feeding babies again 4 times a day!

But it is a labour of love..even if SOME do get Jealous!
And Still I managed to Plant some cayene
Peppers, Celery,Basil and Asparagus!

It WAS a lot of work..but we had wonderful help..and we still managed to have a lovely visit !! All in all? we had a WONDERFUL weekend!

Today after a brunch of Goat sausage patties, eggs, toast and stir fried steak with pepper mushrooms and eldest son and my nephews left..and Left ME.... counting my blessings and knowing what a LUCKY woman I am!!


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Anonymous said...

Way to go!! You brightened my day with this one.