Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Don't Spray Those Weeds!!

Medicinal Weeds In Your Yard? You BET!

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Now...Having said that...Here are a few weeds that I collect to have on hand for medicinal uses.
When I was uncle Joe was always feeding us odd stuff..or at least we thought it was odd. Once He fed me a Dandelion salad..Flowers, stems, leaves and all..I don't recommend it!  However if you go to YouTube and look up "Depression Cooking With Clara" She make a Dandy Dandelion salad ( sorry I couldn't resist) What a lot of people DON'T know is that Dandelions have good medicinal properties..Leaves and Roots!  You can add fresh spring leaves to salads for a spring tonic..Drink a weak tea made from the leaves as a cleansing tonic after can help with menstrual pain as well! Now we are talking about the Saw toothed dandelion..not dandelion with the more rounded leaves..they are edible..but the saw toothed is the medicinal one.


Plantain is another commonly abused weeds that has wonderful uses!
One of the most common is Bee Stings and Spider Bites.  Just ask my sister in Law Karen..we were out seeing the country side when she got not having a mortal and pestle handy I did what my uncle Joe would have done..I grabbed a few plantain leaves..chewed them up and had her hold the masticated pulp onto the sting for about 5 minutes..this pulls out any stinger and poison as well! But you can also make a poultice and apply it to slow healing wounds...make a tea from it and use it to wash wounds and sore or inflammations.  The seeds from the mature plant are also known as Psylium..and is the main ingredient in things like..Metamucil!


NOT to be confused with Queen Anne's Lace.
This often over looked wildflower..has Many medicinal uses..One is a coagulant..If you have a nose bleed..pick a stem of the leaf...gently bruise it and GENTLY insert it into your nostril and apply gentle pressure...SERIOUSLY!
Also I have bruised some up and wrapped a small cut that won't stop bleeding.
The can make a tea and drink to help upper respiratory phlegm..or use and a wash for eczema...And pour boiling water over flowers and inhale the steam for asthma and hay fever. You can use the whole plant in a tea to help reduce fevers and aide digestion.  Soak a pad in that infusion.tea  to sooth varicose veins.

Now what I have told you is for interest only..If you plan on using any of these treatments..Please..PLEASE do further research..An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure..that healthy FIRST..but it can also your homework thoroughly before you ingest ANYTHING you pick yourself!


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