Thursday, June 2, 2011

Garden Update

Hey Everyone!
Thought you might like and update on how things are going in the homestead garden!

My cabbage tent is working really well..It is keeping pests off and letting the sun and rain in..However while it protects the cabbage it is also protecting the weeds!  So today I pinned up one side and weeded around the cabbage. It has been a tilt a whirl week..Yesterday we lost power at 2 in the afternoon and didn't get it back until 11 this morning!! I was really grateful to have two 20 litre bottles of water on hand for drinking and watering the livestock..and we dipped water from the pool to wash dishes with and flush to toilet.  The rest of the garden is doing carrots did not like us leaving for Arizona and decided NOT to come up at today I raked out that row and planted I had some spare seed from that...On Tuesday I weeded the beans and poked some seeds into the bare spots where beans either did not take or were eaten by critters..I planted my turnip..but the see were left out in the they will do really well or not at all..but I have bought some new seed..If they don't make and appearance by Sunday I will replant!
The tomatoes in the hangers get hung out this weekend..and the potato and squash planters are doing well..and I will update you on those later! Until then..Happy Planting!


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