Sunday, March 13, 2011

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!!

Wrap That Bread!

Recently I ran out of Butcher paper..normally my bread gets sliced and goes into the bread crock on my table..
It never lasts long enough to go stale in that crock ( by the way I picked it up at a second hand store for $5 !!!)
BECAUSE the bread does not last long I usually make 3-5 loaves at a time..also  not to waste electricity by heating my oven for just one loaf.
Now Normally I have a roll of 24 inch butcher paper to wrap my bread, meat and any or freezable things in..but I ran out!
So I had another idea...Recently I made the local paper..and of COURSE bought several of them to send the article to family.  But I Always find uses for extra newspaper..and here is one of them!
Wrap that Bread!!
Lay a sheet of newspaper on you table..and then lay and centre a sheet of waxed paper...VOILA home made butcher paper..lets face it..back in the early 1900's when newspapers were the main media..everyone read they were a cheap source of wrapping when I was hot fish in chips came wrapped in it!

Then centre your bread loaf on the waxed papper..grab the ends, pull them together and roll them down onto the loaf top...Fold the ends in like a gift...

Then fold the ends up and close with a rubber band..This particular rubber band came from a bunch of fresh asparagus...NEVER throw them away..they ALWAYS come in handy!

There! Your bread is now ready for the freezer!

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