Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fabric Softener!

Home Made Cleaners that Work and are more More Eco-Friendly!

I have been researching How to make my own cleaners..the Luandry soap is a WONDERFUL addition to my home..Long lasting..no extra additives or chemicals..( that I am aware of) and works as well and any laundry soap. Having said that..I took it one step further!

I am NOT going to post a picture of my fabric softener..because it would just look like a bottle of water to you!  But I WILL tell you how to make it!!

What you see here are the ingredients..and two of them is optional!
We have...
Plain white vinegar
Vegetable based glycerine
and a TINY bottle of essetial oil..( citrus I believe)
A cellulose sponge.
All you do it take a 2 litre Jug or jar.

Add 3 cups white vinegar
3 Cups water ( spring is best)
1 tsp of glycerin
and 4 -6 drops of essential oil..avoid dark coloured oils..

Put on the lid and shake it up...if you have a downy ball..use it as you would concentrated fabric softener...if you are used to dryer sheets..drop the sponge in the jar..and leave it in until you use it.
Just shake it up..squeeze the sponge.. leave it wet but not dripping...and toss in the dryer.  The vinegar scent WILL disipate in the dryer!! So Don't add more essential oil until after you have tried it. as a matter of fact..you don't need the oil at all..it is just used as a fragrance option!

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TwinkieR* said...

Do you think it would be okay to use fragrance oils to this instead of essential oils?