Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I am setting this up for info purposes..as my response to the letter I wrote to the WN was overwhelming! There are a LOT of us who want to keep Bees! AWESOME! I will post things here as I find them!
Please feel free to join this blog..or even post things under anonymous..so we can share info!
Good luck!!

This is a link to mother earths news that has a PDF format or plans on how to build a TOP BAR beehive!
I printed it off !


 here’s a good article on this method of beekeeping:



We have found what we feel is the best of both worlds!!
A VERTICAL Top Bar Bee hive..And here is a sight on it...


And here is a store in Ottawa that you can buy EVERYTHING you need..including starter kits!



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Anonymous said...

yes, your husband did an amazing job judging by the pics. my husband cannot drive a nail, also wants no part of homesteading. i wasn't raised on a farm but as u well know,there are tons of wonderful internet sites(along with your's) & magazines, books of info to make learning possible. my husband is allergic to bees but after much conversation,i was able to set one up last spring. by the fall it was so heavy it was impossible for me to move. they got to keep all their honey to eat over their first winter here & im just praying they can make a go of it. i desperately want a source for milk but hv read so many horror stories about worms, tearing through fences that im afraid to take them on. wish i had room for Dexter cattle. anyway,enjoying ur site that i found today...oh, i checked out Benson Bees & they hv gone out of business.