Sunday, March 7, 2010



Spring being just around the corner, I felt it was time to gather some eggs for hatching...for 6 days..I kept back the best of my daily lay..It is not reccomended to keep eggs longer than one week or they can lose viability for hatching...I kept them in a cooler cracked open..with a cold pack wrapped in a damp cloth for humidity.  As of today I have 33 eggs in the incubator!  I followed directions and neither washed the eggs or kept any that were too large or misshapen...I set up the incubator last night to make sure the temperature would be just right today...and this morning I placed them in the incubator!!!!

Today is Day 1!!
Every couple of days I will fill the little water resevoir in the bottom to keep the humidity just right...and on March 28th..I should have 25-30 chicks!  I am hoping at least half will me some for refreshing the hen house..and the rest for Fattening up for the freezer! I will keep you posted!

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PoohBear said...

Bi-PolarWhoMePoohBear ;
Say’s way to go'
I did not know that the incubator was made of Styrofoam.