Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pan Fried Squirrel!!
Ok Folks! Here is the story...I raise chickens..and keep the feed in a Rubbermaid container in my front porch...Unfortunately..squirrels chewed through the container and having found what they thought was a convenient grocery store..proceded to move into my porch roof!!!
I went to the local feed and seed store and asked for a way to get rid of them..I found out they were poison resistant...and was told to call and exterminator!!
Not wanting to go to that trouble and expense..I bought Rat traps...I baited them with peanut butter and chicken grain...and waited...Sure enough I caught I threw it away in the ravine...I noticed how plump and sleek it was...having lived off grain for months...I came to the realization that they would be pretty good eating..grain fed organic meat!!!
So I rebaited my trap..and looked up on the internet how to skin and cook squirrel!! I caught them one by one..skinned and  cleaned each one immediately..and froze them until I had three..took a week.And here is the result!! Pan Fired Squirrel..with stir fry veggies and rice!!

Three squirrels such as this one!
Thaw and soak in cold salt water...ANd cut in half length wise...if you do not have a meat good big knife and a hammer work fairly well!   C ut in half again...I found the upper body to be too bony and next time I will catch more squirrels..pan fry the hind quarters..and use the front quarters for soup!

Dredge in a mixture of flour, garlic powder, salt, pepper and paprika.

Heat vegeable oil   on high in a frying pan..about a quarter cup...turn down the heat to medium when a few drops of water dance on the oil...Lay the  sections in the pan.

Brown thoroughly on both sides..turning only once ( if you can help it)
When well browned on both sides..turn down the heat to low..and cover with lid..allowing to cook further for another 10-15 minutes.

In a seperate pan stirry some veggies with oil and seasonings..then add cooked rice.

Stir veggies and rice and allow to simmer until meat is cooked...Serve and enjoy!

Although Dubious at first..dinner got a thumbs up from the whole family!

On a side note...I got a lot of feedback from friends and family...I was called maniac..redneck and survialist to name a few..However..I honestly think..that society has become so far removed from our food..that we don't realize that the meat in the store does not grow in styrofoam trays neatly wrapped in plastic!!  In just the past few short generations..people have moved away from the farm..and been removed from the process of   meat preparation..No one who  eats meat from the store these days...thinks about WHERE it comes from or HOW it got there..they would much rather not think about "that part" of it all...It is THIS attitude that has allowed animals to be raised en mass with little thought to their comfort or living conditions.  YES I eat meat from the gorcery store!! And I have a very good idea WHY MANY people become vegetarian..not just for health  reasons  in a lot of cases...But what I would to see a respect for animal life brought BACK into the food industry...See the balance between animals raised for food..and the  people who eat them restored. I KNOW there are a lot of farmers out there   who   CARE about the animals they raise...think about the animals comfort and well being from birth to butcher.  But these folks are mostly small    farmers..who are being forced out..Larger,  more PRODUCTIVE farms are becoming industries..the family farm is becoming a thing of the past.  If everyone raised their own meat..and vegetables..or hunted for some of that meat...or even KNEW someone who did..they would be more aware..and more appreciative about the cycle of life.  Having said that...If I am a redneck..because I  appreciate fresh meat and don't  throw it away in favour of anonymous store bought meat...and I talk to my chickens when I collect their eggs..and I THANK them when I wring their necks  for dinner...then all I  can it's a rednecks life for me!!



Jayashiangel said...

Love you Bev

Rabid said...
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Rabid said...

I think it's FANTASTIC that you kill your own meat. You have a great positive attitude and you are doing an amazing job at living a more natural lifestyle. I don't think I'd be able to eat squirrel, but kudos to you for not wasting good meat. I mean, they ate your chicken grain and all. So really it was home raised meat. I'm proud to know such a smart, strong, and creative woman.