Sunday, December 13, 2009

Home Made Heat Lamp!

Home Made Heat Lamp

I Went to the local farm supply store...( Local being over an hour away) I wanted to buy a heat lamp to see my chickens through the winter my Shock and dismay..the lamp was $35 !!!!! Couple That with the $10 infa-red bulb..and are paying $50 !!!! So I decided..We will Make one..I am pretty handy with ideas..and Howard is a WHIZ at helping me to put them into heres what we did..
I bought a mid sized lightweight tin bucket at Dollarama...$2

We removed the Handle and as you can see..Howard has snipped a hole in the bottom.
He has then added an electrical coupler thingamajiggy on either side of the hole... when screwed together it holds the 1/2 inch deep pan electrical box in place  inside

..the pan box is what the ceramic socket is screwed to...
It is imporatant that the light socket is CERAMIC..this is because I will have a heat lamp plastic will not do. Then we used a piece of a heavy extension cord for the can see the coupler better in this shot.

Then used a wire guide to take the weight off the cord.

We then screwed in the 175 watt infared bulb!

Howard then stretched a piece of chicken wire fencing across the mouth of the bucket, this is to keep the birds from pecking the bulb...It was then secured into place with aluminum foil muffler tape!

It was then hard wired into a light switch in the chicken coop..and hung in place.

It is high enough to stay well away from the straw..and far out enough to be well away from combustable materials..yet low enough to keep the water from freezing.

Bulb included...the whole thing cost less than $25!!!
Pretty cool Aye???
If you have some cool Ideas..or just want to comment..Please feel free to leave a comment at the end of this article..if you do not have a web ID ..just list your comment under anonymous!

Neither my husband or myself are electrical professionals..we do this at our own risk. If you should decide to try this project and have any doubts..PLEASE feel free to ask a professional electricians advice!

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