Wednesday, December 23, 2009

BUTTER Tarts!!

Butter Tarts

THis is one recipe that is truly in Quebec they call them sugar tarts.  A Bakery where I used to work used SOYA MARGARINE instead of butter..and most recipes call for corn syrup as well as brown sugar...But I keep it simple..and REAL...and everyone seems to love them! So here it goes!
The following recipe for the filling will do 18 butter tarts and a medium sized raisin pie! So make enough pastry for that amount.  Preheat oven to 375 DF


2 Cups firmly packed brown sugar
4 FRESH Eggs
1 tsp Vanilla
1/4 pound softened butter
I KNOW the picture shows 6 eggs..that's just what happened to be in the carton at the time.
Cream the sugar , butter and vanilla together.
Then beating WELL after each addition..beat in eggs one at a time.
The mixture whould resemble golden whipped cream.

At this stage I like to soak my raisins in boiling water for about a 1/2 hour to PLUMP them.
Using a piece of waxed paper and some butter..give your muffin tins a slick.
Roll Out your pastry and cut into rounds..I am making two husband does not like raisins..and as I have no pecans..he will have plain butter tarts..and we will have raisin tarts.

Fit the tins with your rolled out rounds. Spooning a teaspoon of drained plumped raisins into each tart shell.

My pastry at this point may is because I ran out of white flour and had to dust my cloth with whole wheat for the rolling out.
Spoon the filling into each shell...try not to get any on the tin as it will stick and scorch...I like to use a gravy ladle!

Do NOT fill the shells more than 3/4 the filling puffs up in baking and can over flow!

Bake for 15 minutes in a 375 DF oven.

They will be puffed and golden when you take them out..and will collapse slightly as they cool!
Let the tins cool on a wire rack..and when they are cool..loosen with a butter knife and lift out onto a plate!


As I said this recipe makes 18 tarts and one pie...The pie is going to my brothers house on Christmas day...shhhh don't tell him!
You make this just like a big tart..lining the pan with pastry..then covering the bottom with raisins before spooing the rest of the filling overtop.
Bake at 375 for 20-25 minutes.
The Snowflake on top is just a piece of pastry cut out and baked slightly..then placed on top of the pie once it has started to's a nice touch!

Merry Chirstmas!!

Butter tart recipe
Hey Bev,

I was just looking at your butter tart recipe on your blog and made me smile. My grandmother was a great baker and always made butter tarts. She kept all of her ingredients in their own "special" jars. One time when my grandfather had the guys over for the weekly poker game, she put out a tray of butter tarts for them. Grandpa watched as they slowly chewed them and started removing something from their mouths. Finally he had seen enough to make him wonder so he took a tart and broke it in two. Inside, much to his, and grandma's surprise were unpopped popcorn kernals! One of my aunts put the popcorn in grandma's walnut jar (the nerve) and she hadn't even noticed when she baked. We teased her until the day she died about the day she made popcorn tarts!!

Just thought I'd share.


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mmmmmmm....... thanks Bev! Now I have to make me some!!!