Thursday, November 12, 2009


 The Scottish Shortbread My Mum always made!

1 lb salted butter
1 Cup White granulated sugar
4.5 cups white flour

Cream softened butter and sugar..( softened NOT melted)

When butter and sugar have been creamed..add flour one cup at a time..mixing almost like pastry..DO NOT OVER makes the dough tough!

It says to roll out the dough..but to my experience that over works I take a handful at a time and press it to desired thickness..then use a cookie cutter..

I usea cotton table cloth over the table helps it from sticking.

I like mine about a half inch thick..This is laid on a cookie sheet that has been overed with parchment paper.  Bake are 275 degrees farhenheit..for about 15-20 the snowball cookies..these do NOT brown with cooking...but they go gently golden on the bottom...

Now..My mother sprinkled with granulated table sugar..but I like to sift icing sugar over top...whatever you it as soon as the cookies come from the sticks better that way...
Cool thoroughly before packing away!


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