Saturday, November 28, 2009

Extra Lean Pork Sausage Meat

Extra Lean Pork Sausage Meat

Extra lean ground FRESH pork was on sale this week!!! I Use this recipe in my sausage rolls...It has been revised from my earlier recipe which has ground turkey in it..This is VERY lean..lean enough that you can substitute ground poultry if you wish.


10 pounds EXTRA lean ground FRESH (never Frozen) pork
A 2 lb bag of onions..peeled minced fine and lightly sauteed ( set aside to cool)
3 TBS Ground black pepper
5 TBS Sea Salt
6 TBS Ground Sage
6 TBS Parsley

Combine all ingredients and a BIG bowl sure hands are clinically clean...and get them in there and mix it up..MIX don't want pockets of want it evenly blended and the best way is to dig in with your hands!!
Divide into one pound packets wrap and freeze...If you are making sauasage rolls...set aside 3 pounds wrapped in the FRidge...the sausage meat must NOT be frozen ontil AFTER its in the rolls...Pork CANNOT be frozen..thawed then refrozen. So the sausage meat must be fresh made for making sausage rolls!

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