Sunday, October 18, 2009

Two new Chickens for the Flock

Friends of mine lost most of their flock to they gave me the remaining two birds..( in exchange for two of the birds I butchered last week)
16 week old Rhode Island Reds..a rooster and a hen!

Compared to the little red hens I have they are MUCH bigger..

They are good dual purpose birds like the plymouth rocks..and next years hatch should be a lovely combination.
Hopefully I will have some success with the incubator..the last batch of eggs did not do well..but this time I have fresh banty eggs in it..and  all ( 5 of them) seem to be fertile..if they hatch..then we will call the homemade incubator a success..I will keep you posted..this batch of eggs is due to hatch on Halloween!

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