Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Drunks Puzzle Quilt

Drunks Puzzle Quilt

Sticking to the waste not Want not Category..
I am a bit of an avid Quilter...and over the years I have collected large quantities of fabric..I have bought ready made antique Quilt blocks on line..always with the intention of " making them up".  Also I have a very dear friend who is a WONDERFUL quilter..but in retirement has moved to a smaller space..and yes..you guessed it..I inherited HER collection of fabrics..partial projects and trial blocks ( thank you HELEN!!)..and quite possibly, some of her mothers as well...Having said all this...you may have an inkling of just how PACKED my sewing room actually IS!!  So recently..my husband and I, having bought a large three bedroom mobile home in Arizona..Decided to begin to outfit it.  At the present time there is a box spring and mattress..to swivel rockers..a pull out couch..appliances..a folding chair..and ..you guessed it..a sewing machine. We are driving down in December for a few weeks..and with us goes my mother in law and our 16 year old son...needless to say the one set of sheets and two twin sized quilts is NOT enough...I had an idea!! Why not tie a couple of simple quilts to take along?? With all this fabric and odd blocks..I would..REALLY hate to start off the new place by BUYING blankets!!  I am at the moment almost finished my nieces Christmas gift quilt..and if I push it..I can tie a couple of quilts before we leave...( Tying for those not familiar with the quilters vernacular, simply means..to tie all the layers together with yarn threaded on a darning needle..making one stitch..bringing it through and "tying" a knot..cutting the ends to leave a tiny tassel..and moving on to the next section)  I have just completed the first top for Arizona..it is made of a compilation of all the odd blocks from myself..and my friends collection..they are all different sizes..and some had to be added to with strip and bits to make them "fit" For this reason..I have called this pattern " The drunks Puzzle" for the simple reason..that trying to find order or a pattern of any kind could "drive you to drink"!!  I apologise for the quality of the picture..my husband had been dry-walling..and kicked up dust..so the pciture is not as clear as I would like...
Personally..I love it...there is no center..no rhyme or reason...
I think this one will go on MY bed in the home down South!!
I will update the pictures when it it.."tied"
My thanks to my husband and son for standing on tip toes to try get get it straight for the picture!!.. Also in keeping with the "waste not, want not" theme..I will be using this quilt top..to recover a quilt my aunt Jane made for me as a wedding gift..which has been so thoroughly loved..its in tatters!

Hey Folks..The Quilt has been Tied..now you can see The edges have not yet been bound..but this is how  it looks so far..also as you can see..tying a quilt may be faster..but the quilt does not lay as smooth..but it's still going to look lovely on my bed in Arizona!
I will post a final picture when the binding of the edges has been done!


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