Saturday, September 12, 2009

Organic Gardening!

I have been laying the plans for my Garden next year...I am going to do it over top of my lawn..most of our property is trees so this little area is perfect..its also handy to the chicken coop! The Problem is starting it! Under my lawn is mostly gravel so just tilling it up is not a good idea. Our first idea was for my husband to build a raised bed by building a box about 10 inches deep..we would then lay down landscape fabric over the grass and have garden soil trucked in...Then I read in the "Deliberate Agrarian" That I could kill the sod off and any and all vegetation ..WITHOUT CHEMICALS or damaging the soil!! HOW you ask?? Well I am going to show you!
Your eyes do NOT deceive you..this is left over tin that was removed from the old roof last year!!
Now this SHOULD have been done this spring..and had all summer to "cook" so to speak...but I just learned of this method yesterday. It is so simple I don't know WHY I never thought of it...You lay sheets of tin over the area you want to use next year! Thats IT!! Where sun can't reach..nothing will grow!!  Have you ever found an old piece of plywood in a field or back yard that had layed there for a year? Flipped it over and found worms and soil?? Thats what this does..Now like I said..I should have started this sooner..but I figure I have a month or more to "cook" the area under the metal..then the snow will come and weight it down...and when that all melts we shall see...If , however..not all the sod is dead..I am will still lay down biodegradable landscape fabric...that coupled with the truck load of garden soil I am having brought in ANYWAY..should finish it off!
Come Spring I will just pick up all these pieces of tin..stack them neatly behind the chicken coop...After the season is done..and the garden is empty..I will lay it all down again to kill off any remaining weeds that may DARE to germinate in my garden..and leave it til spring!
Yes hubby will be moving the clothes line to a more convenient location maybe this fall. This Here is 16 sheets of 3ft x 10 feet tin roofing. So my garden is going to be 480 Square feet! NO TILLING!
NOW..I KNOW having garden soil trucked in is not considered organic..unless it is organic rated..but garden soil is good enough for me..I will NOT be using pesticides or chemical fertilizers..AND I plan on ordering local organic seed from
So as far as I am concerned..thats organic enough for me!
I also Plan on Planting Mangle Beets to feed my chickens the following winter..but thats another post!
Please feel free to leave comments and ideas on anything you care to share!

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