Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It Starts with one change...

Last year my brother sent me an article on the garbage patches that float in our worlds oceans...Yesterday it was on Oprah..and you can find it on YouTube. Just look up The Garbage Patch. At the present the one in the pacific Ocean is larger than the state of Texas and some 90 FEET DEEP in places...these floating garbage dumps are made up primarily..or almost totally comprised of plastics..We have all heard and discussed such things are Carbon foot prints...recycling...composting and the like...I am trying very hard not to sound like I am preaching...I just want to DO something...and this is all I can think of at the moment..please let me share...When I was a little girl...there were no such things as plastic grocery bags...sandwich bags..water bottles..even pop bottles were glass and could be returned for a deposit...( which sent many a kid in my neighborhood bottle hunting for Saturdays candy) On Grocery day..I carefully flattened out and refolded the paper grocery bags to take to the local second hand store on Queen st in Toronto..where the elderly gentleman would pay me 2 cents for every bag..3 if the bag was of the larger variety and hand twine handles! Recycling is not new to me...not new to many of is just so MUCH MORE IMPORTANT these days..because plastic is EVERYWHERE...So as I am so fond of doing..I have made a few steps backwards in my life..trying to retrace some of the roots that are now so important to saving our world..It only takes ONE choice..ONE simple decision...about a year ago..I realized how many plastic sandwich bags I was using on a daily basis...THOUSANDS a I took a step back and time and remembered that my mother used to use waxed paper..still garbage..but a more biodegradable version...Last week my husband decided not to buy a coffee a Tim Hortons everyday..and opted out for me to make him a thermos to see him through the day..last week I stopped using palstic grocery bags for his lunches and now I use either paper or a cloth bag...I carry recycled sturdy grocery bags in my vehicles and do my best to remember to use them...Last week I went to the local IGA where they no longer offer plastic grocery bags..but the new recycled re-usables at 50cents each or paper...I compost and recycle as much as possible...I use only compact flourescent bulbs or LED lights in my home...These are all choices that MANY of us make everyday..and bless you for it! All I am trying to ONE CHOICE...ONE DECISION..can make a HUGE difference....Please....PLEASE lets make that choice today...before its to late!! Passs this on and see how far we can go! If you have ideas please feel free to add them and pass them forward also!

Thanks for bearing with me!!

Here is and EXCELLENT video by a science teacher on you yourself a favour and watch is simple and amazing!

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