Wednesday, September 9, 2009

In the old days...

When I was young..don't I sound ANCIENT?? Let me give you a brief history..I am the youngest child of mother was the second youngest of 12..or was it 13? ANYWAY...What this means is that If my grandparents were still alive..they would all be well over 100 years old...EACH!! So YES..I grew up with parents raised during the great depression..and If I could remember HALF of what they forgot..I would be a going concern! However...I will share what I am learning and what I remember as we go along..and hope that YOU will share too! Together we can make a difference..if only to each other!
Recently I was given an antique has seen better days...and was made in THOSE days..quilts we not always made of store bought pretty fabrics and ready made liners...most homes did not have sewing machines...But "Waste Not Want Not" was the rule of the day...and so was.." Make Do..Do Over or Do without!"   This quilt is a wonderful example of can't see the liner..but because of an unraveled LOOKS like the liner was old sweaters or liners of coats...there have been repairs made in the years between 1916 and 1919...I know this because the repairs we embroidered with the dates. I plan on restoring it..I will buy vintage fabrics from the internet..I soaked it several times in rain and then well water and hung it to dry. It is one of my treasured possesions! If you have a story you would like to share..or and environmental tip..PLEASE sahre..I'd love to hear it!

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