Thursday, January 19, 2012

Newest and Best Yet Granola Recipe

Made In the Dehydrator!

Hey There Folks!
Yesterday I made a new Batch of granola..this time I did it in the
dehydrator with more consistent results! The Ingredients are as follows...
5 pounds steel cut or old fashioned rolled oats
2 cups honey
2 cups seeds and/or nuts of your choice
2 cups fruit
( if fruit is raw diced small..if it is dried
add AFTER your dehydrate or toast)
2 tsp cinnamon
1tsp salt
Enough butter to grease your  bowl.

Grease the biggest bowl you have or use a canning pot.
mix oats and nuts ..then sprinkle cinnamon and salt on top.
( this is so it doesn't stick to the buttered bowl sides)
drizzle the honey over sure and get it all!
Toss mixture until evenly coated.
Line each dehydrator tray with Parchment if you don't have the proper screen size.
Parchment is washable..when finished just wash it with warm soapy water..rinse and hang to dry! So don't be afraid to use it!
Set you machine @ 135-150 and dehydrator for 8 hours..rotate tray if needed.
If you are using your oven..use parchment on cookie sheets..set oven at 150-175 and make sure you stir and turn over your granola Frequently.
If using fresh fruit..granola is done when the fruit is rubbery. If Using dried..add AFTER the granola come from the oven.
When granola is in Jars or bags.
This recipe make two 1 gallon Jars!
For those who have high speed I have posted the video on youtube!


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