Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tis the Season For Canning!

Pressure Canning Beans!
Hey Folks! Well It's That time again! The beans are ripening faster than a Jack Rabbit on a date! So it was time to get out the pressure canner and start jarring them up!
Here is how I do it!
Pick your beans.

Snap of the ends and snap (or cut) them into desired lengths.

Rinse thoroughly and leave in a bowl of cold water while you assemble your equipment.

You will Need;
One pressure canner
Mason Jars with new lids.
Canning Funnel
Slim Spatula
Small pot for boiling lids
Large kettle of hot water

Wash your Jars and rinse well.

Wash your lid inserts and boil for five minutes..leaving in hot pot of water on low heat until needed.

Prepare you canner with manufacturers recommended amount of water ( this depends on size and make of pressure canner) I add a couple tablespoon of vinegar to the I have a well..and this helps reduce any cloudy of minerals from sticking to the outside of the jars in processing.
 Have the water hot and simmering gently.
Take a jar and insert canning funnel..fill the jar with beans..shake down and fill until beans are one inch from rim of jar.

Add 1/2 tsp salt.

Then add hot water to 1/2 inch from rim of jar.

Take your spatula and run it up and down around the inside of the jar.
This will release any air that may be trapped around the beans. You will see that your water level in the jar will drop a bit once all air is released.

Then taking a CLEAN damp cloth wipe the rim of the jars..this is crucial..if there are food may prevent a proper seal from forming.

Place lids on jars and tighten to FINGER TIP TIGHTNESS.
This tight as you can with your finger tips...too tight and excess air in the jars will not be pushed out to create a vacuum.

Fill you canner..Being sure not to force jars in to tight..they can touch..but not be jammed in.

When Canner is full..Make sure the air hole on you pressure valve is clear and not blocks..the easiest way to do this is to blow through it! Then lock the lid on the canner.  Once the lid is locked on turn your burner onto high...and wait for  a stead y stream of steam to begin flowing from the spout.

This steam MUST vent for 10 minutes..this is to ensure all excess air is evacuated from the canner. Once the steam has you 10-11 pound weight on the spout. ( if you live over 1000 feet about see level you may have to use a 15 pound weight..please check your manufacturers recommendation's)

Once this weight begin to jiggle vigorously..begin timing your process. Bean processed in Pints and Quarts need to be processed at 10 pounds pressure for 75 minutes.  If your weight begins to jiggle MORE than vigorously..or gets to sounding..Angry..back the heat off slowly until it is once again gently rocking and jiggling away happily!  When you timer goes off..turn off the burner under the canner...and allow to cool NATURALLY! Do NOT try and rapid cool your canner..either by joggling the weight or by placing the canner in cold water..this will ruin your efforts..the colling of the canner naturally is part of the process.  Once the canner has cooled down enough that no steam is present when the weight is touched..then you can safely remove your weight..and open your canner.
ALWAYS, sure there is NO pressure left before trying to open the lid..and ALWAYS open the lid by tilting it AWAY from your body and face!!!
Remove jars with canning grips..and set on a towel to may see some bubbling within the jar..this is essentially you are cooking the beans directly in the jar.  If you lids do not "pop" down once jars are cool refrigerate and use first. Label and date you efforts and store on a cool pantry shelf.
                                                            HAPPY CANNING!

For Those of you with High is a short video tutorial!

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