Friday, June 3, 2011

Home Made Perogies!

Yummy Perogies!

One of the wonderful thing about being a Canadian is the many cultures that settled in this wonderful country over the years!  Along with the many and varied cultures came different foods.  I was first introduced to Perogies when a family member Married into a Ukranian family!  almost 15 years ago I made a point of learning how to make this wonderful dish..For those who may not know what Perogies are..they are a basic noodle pocket stuffed with potatoes and boiled..served with sour cream..that is the very basic of the basic recipe.  Some people like to fry up bacon and onions and once boiled..pop the perogies into the frying pan with the mix and give them a quick brown.Now I am sure it is not completely traditional..however..I AM Canadian and I always end up changing a recipe some how. So here it is!

Perogie Dough.

2 cups Flour
3/4 cup water
1 egg
1tsp salt
Mix and roll ( I mix with my S blade in the food processor..dry ingredients first then add wet.)

Perogie Filling ( what I made today)

2 Cups mashed potatoes ( fluffy not to wet)
1/4 minced Chives
1 cup finely shredded cheese
salt and pepper to taste
Now..I happen to have a perogie mold...but before I did..I would roll out the dough..and cut circles with a cup or large round cookie this case..I have a mold.
Lay the dough over the floured mold and fill pockets with potatoes filling...
( If you don't have a mold put some potato filling on one side of your circle of dough) In a small bowl or cup  mix one egg white with an equal amount of water..this is called and Egg wash. Dip your pastry brush in the eggs wash and "paint" around the edges of your dough where the edges are going to meet when folded.
(If making individual circles..paint the edge and fold in half pinching the edges together and closed)
If Using the mold..Roll out and lay another thin layer of dough over your filled pockets and gently but firmly roll over with rolling pin..until the edges of your mold cut through the dough.

Remove the excess dough from edges. Then flip your mold over and gently poke out the perogies with a finger..or give the mold a sharp bang on the table and they may just fall out.

I made I laid some on a cookie sheet and popped them in the freezer to flash freeze..this way I can bag and freeze them without them mushing together.

The rest? We had for Dinner!! I Brought some water to a boil..added a little olive oil and salt..and dropped them in to boil.

 In a frying pan I stir fried some peppers onions and mushrooms in a little olive with salt and pepper...

and served it up with roasted chicken legs! With a Dollop of sour cream ( home made plain yogurt in our case)



Hilary (Adventures from 14 Maple) said...

Those look amazing! Maybe I'll make them tonight with chicken for dinner!!

Half Acre Homestead said...

They turned out REALLY good!

minkeeboodle said...

I'm making these for dinner tomorrow, to have with our pot roast!