Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Life Runs Amok!

Life Happens...

Saturday Night Howie and I got home from our 9 day trip away in Arizona..Our !8 year old son had looked after things..All the animals were fine..Bizzy the new mummy Goat is now able to share 1 cup of her milk with us per day...and that will increase as the needs of Clover and Blossom increase..so that when they begin to wean off..I will continue to take the same amount they were taking so that her milk does not decrease as their demand goes down.  Bizzy and I are both new to this..she is a new mom and new to having someone milk her..and I am new to milking..but we are getting there!

Yesterday I weeded 3 rows of beans..it took me all day..as I had fallen in the Driveway Sunday Morning and was very stiff..but I manage to get the tasks assigned to myself done..if a little slowly!  Some of the bean plants did not come..so as I weeded I replanted some seed in the bald spots.

Howie noticed when we got home..that one of our hens was missing..it is not hard to miss her as she is the only black chicken..we found her in the hay loft sitting on a nest of 15 eggs!!! 

She had decided to move out of the hen pen and into the hayloft to try and hatch out some eggs..she does NOT like being moved off the nest..or to much attention paid to her..We have decided to allow her the right to try and hatch out her eggs...Broody chickens this day in age are not easy to find..so we want to encourage her as much as ppossible..if however she has not hatched by mid June..we will have to remove her from the nest.  I hope for her sake she gets a few chicks..the rooster was put in the freezer two weeks ago..so some of her eggs should still be fertile. We will keep you posted!
In the mean time I am preparing for a busy summer of gardening, canning and workshops!
Our two other adult goats..the young buck and the older doe are both going to be dispatched and made into chops and sausages...the buck cannot be used to breed the two little does as he is their sire..and the older doe did not breed..so in the freezer they go! We don't raise pork..so this is a good opportunity to make some Bratwurst and breakfast sausages!  Bizzy along with daughter clover and blossom will be bred next fall ( 2012) and by June 2013, we  will have 3 milking goats..this will hopefully see to all our milk, butter ( once I have the cream separator) yogurt and cheese needs!!  In the mean time we will be content with what Bizzy shares!  Hope you enjoy the little video!



An Update
Licorice has stopped laying and is now sitting on her eggs full time!

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