Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cereal made easy!


I apologise in advance for the lack of pictures!!
I actually started to make a video but bungled it badly. There is only one picture...But it need not stop you from make DELICIOUS granola for your family!
This Delicious recipe has a lot of optional ingredients..so you can not only make your cereal..you can make MANY different kinds! Most cereals today are loaded with preservatives and added ingredients..a lot of times there is probably more nutrition in eating the packaging the cereal comes in..not here! I have very large cookie sheets so you may want to HALVE this recipe..but this recipe as it stand fills two large cookies sheets..when I say large I mean the entire width and depth of my oven!

Maple Apple Granola

10 Cups oats  ( quick is fine but NOT INSTANT)
5 Apples peeled cored and diced small sprinkled with 1tsp cinnamon
1 cup coco nut or coconut flour
1 cup  sesame seed/flax seed mix
1 tsp sea salt
1 and 1/2 cups or PURE maple syrup

Mix all your DRY ingredients in a large bowl and trickle the maple syrup over top...mix until it is a crumbled meal like substance and all syrup is incorporated.
Then add Diced apples with cinnamon and toss thoroughly.
Spread onto parchment lined LARGE cookie sheets. and bake at 190 degrees Fahrenheit for about 4 hours..this make take longer if your oven has NOT the convection setting.
RESIST the temptation to up the temperature. Because your fruit ( apples) is fresh..they will cook to mush rather than dry out..and you want them to dry out. Every hour or so..open the oven and turn the mixture with a spatula and shake it flat again. You will KNOW it is done when the mixture is crunchy and the apple bits are slightly rubbery bordering on hard.

Store in a large container and serve up as cereal..dry snacks or on top of your favorite yogurt!

This is not the only recipe..you can switch the maple syrup for honey..apples for pears or raisins or cranberries..you can add nuts and sunflower seeds! Let your imagination run wild..your family will think you are AMAZING..which of course you ARE!
Here is a recent video of the entire process of making Granola!

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