Thursday, April 14, 2011

Make Your Own Bisquick!!!

Biscuit Mix Recipe

This is really cool! As usual I have been researching I never buy anything I can make myself...So I never buy Bisquick..BUT I have found a recipe that allows you to make your own mix..and best of all? Your bisquick recipes can be made with water not MILK..BECAUSE...Powdered milk is Incorporated in the recipe!!!  All the ingredients are also from the pantry shelf and therefor to not need to be refrigerated after mixing!
Here we go!


10 Cups Flour
2 Cups instant powdered milk
1/3 Cup baking powder
5 tsp salt
1 pound of lard
Thoroughly mix all your dry ingredients in a large bowl..then cut in large with a pastry cutter...continue to cut it in until your mix resembles heavy bread crumbs..or course meal.

That's IT!! Store by putting it into a large tin in you cupboard..use as BISQUICK without CAN leave out the powdered milk..and then use as regular Bisquick! The Following link I found on line and is from the 1920 with the MANY ways to use BISQUICK!



Anonymous said...

Those recipes look easy and yummy too. And your recipe for making the mixture looks easy as well, I think I'm going to try these sometime!! :)


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