Saturday, April 23, 2011

Getting ready for planting next month!

Tomato Hangers!!

Last year was the first time in a few years that I had  planted a garden..I got enthusiastic and planted to many squash and pumpkins..and they over ran the garden..this year I am spreading things out. The Squash and pumpkins will go in planters made by recycling our old tires..and the tomatoes are being planted in those new fangled tomato hangers.
I have made a little video on how to plant these things..because I had some trouble the first time I tried a few weeks ago and broke one of my plants..However I DID manage to plant one..I hung it in my bay window and it did well..It actually DOUBLED in size compare to the ones left behind in the peat pots. So Here is the video..and at the end here I have another picture of how they have all perked up now that they have settled into the planters and had a drink..they perk up after a few hours of hanging.

Here they are a few hours after planting!

( Note for people who can't view the video)

Put your hand way down in the planter..then with the other hand GENTLY poke the root ball through the hole and sponge layer...Lay the planter on its side and add ( this is what I added) A scoop of sawdust( shavings will do) a scoop of soil and a scoop of peat moss...THEN hang it up and proceed to fill..I filled with black soil bought at Canadian tire for 99 cents a bag..and about half way through..added and handful of saw dust..peat moss and a sprinkle of MYKES organic vegetable plant food. Once the planter was over 3/4 full I gave it a good 2-3 cups of water. These will remain in my porch until The end of May when My tomato hanger is built and they can go outside!


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