Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Earth Day is April 22 2011

Hey Everyone! Earth day is coming...I know many of us feel we cannot make a big difference as individuals...But I am here to say YES WE CAN!!
Industry only supplies what WE demand...If everyone made just one change..the impact could be staggering!! In the 1990's I stopped using plastic sandwich bags and plastic wrap..Since then over 1400 LESS pieces of plastic go into to the landfill each year..lets do the math..1400 x 14 years = 19600 less pieces of plastic in the landfills Since 1997 alone!! That is just MY household..what if we ALL did that?? Lets see there are 33.4 MILLION people in Canada...308.7 MILLION people in the USA...if we allot just ONE piece of plastic per person 5 days a week...That is a STAGGERING 88.9 BILLION pieces of plastic going into the landfill EACH YEAR!!!
And that is only allotting each person in Canada and the US, ONE plastic sandwich bag a day..5 days a week.

Now...I KNOW many of us have switched to recycled bags for grocery shopping...And that is WONDERFUL..SEE how industry has responded?
If we stop using another plastic product that is SO much easier to replace ( IE with tinfoil and waxed paper) Then we will have made a HUGE dent in the plastic garbage CHOKING the earth!!
So the challenge is this..Stop using ONE piece of plastic in your daily life..(I say sandwich bags and plastic wrap because they are the easiest and CHEAPEST to replace)...and By Earth day..the message will be CLEAR... ( no pun intended)
We want to be HEARD!!!
Please share this on facebook and any other place where is may get passed on..we CAN make a BIG difference with one SMALL change!!
Bev Ironside


Anonymous said...

Well said!! I'm up for the Challenge!!


Half Acre Homestead said...

WTG! Let's get them ALL to dit it..pass it on!