Monday, January 31, 2011

The Rebirth of Mother Earth

Although we all have differing views...There is one thing that is certain..unless we ALL do SOMETHING..our planet will not will actually..Natural disaster can come and sweep us all away..and Our mother will rebirth herself..She CAN live without us..but we CANNOT live without her! 
If you listen to the following can find a truth there that is universal...We MUST start making choices from our heart..not our minds or our wallet...I am not saying to throw it all away..that would create MORE problems..I AM saying...( as Anne of green gables said) Every day is a new start..fresh with NO mistakes in it...When faced with a choice..ask yourself this..which is the most LOVING way to do,deal or handle this...Loving for me, Loving for future generations, loving for everyone else. Then the choice will be's all about Love..Christ said it...but not everyone got the EVERYTHING with loving intent..kinda hard to mess up when you look at it that way?
Please Checkout this link..if only out of curiosity!


Anonymous said...

Hey Bev! This photo made me think of two things. 1. I need to buy another cast iron fry pan. I had one before and liked it. I think I left it camping or something. 2. These pancakes look great I have some sweet potatoes and I'm going to try them. I'll let you know how they turn out.

Half Acre Homestead said...

You will Love them Deb! And cast irons is the best!