Thursday, August 12, 2010

Yummy Crunchy Pickles!

Bev's SECRET Dill Pickles!

Every Year I make pickles..( almost every year) And occaisionally I give out a jat here and there..unfortunatley..or Forunately..depending on who you are..They  turn out very yummy..and after a few years..People start popping by for a visit..and peaking in my pantry..hoping for a jar!
Well Folks? Now you can make your own..Cuz I am going to show you how!!
This recipe is for two jars of whole garlic dill..and one garlic dill sandwich slices.
you will need...

Enough pickling cucumbers to pack a one litre sized jar..and two or three larger pickling cukes...preferably from you own garden..the fresher the better.

1 TBS of alum this can be bought in the spice isles of most grocery stores.
Two large heads of dill. ( thanks Kim!)
1 cup Vinegar ( I prefer Cidar vinegar..but white will do HINT at secret ingredient)
4 cups water
5-7 large peeled cloves of garlic
3 heaping TBS of PICKLING salt ( course kosher or course sea salt will do VERY nicely..hinting at a secret ingredient)
Two mason Jars with lids...washed Boiled and left in simmering water until needed.
( If you are doing a large batch adjust ingredients accordingly..wash and rinse your jars..and put them in the oven at 215 degrees F for a minimum of 15 minutes..and leave them there til needed...Wash rinse and boil LIDS for 5 minutes and leave in simmering water til needed)

Wash and scrub GENTLY with a soft bristled brush..your cuckes and place them in an earthen ware, enameled or plastic bowl ( not metal) sprinkle alum over top..cover with cold water and dump in a couple trays of ice..allow to soak for a MINIMUM of  Eight hours in this solution. ( Secret trick for crunchier pickles)
Once your cukes have soaked..peel your garlic..wash your dill..and slice the larger pickles thinly.

Boil your jars and lids for 5 minutes.

Bring you Vinegar/Water/Salt brine to a boil.

Now..I don't have any pictures for the I was video recording at the time..BUT..I will post a link for the video at the end!

Take the smaller jar from the hot simmering water..drop in 3 cloves of garlic..slide in the sliced pickles so they are standing upright..and push the head of dill on top..make sure the pickles are low enough in the jar that they are NOT going to push up on the lid.  Pour the boiling brine over the jar contents until the jar is full to overflowing!! Take hot lid from water and screw down tightly. Do the same for the whole pickles ( with 2 more garlic cloves).  Place hot filled jars on towel until the lids snap down..if you have a lid that does NOT snap down..refridgerate .
NOW...WAIT..6 WEEKS!!!  It make seem like a long time..but good pickles are worth the wait!!!
NOW..stop asking for MY GO MAKE YOUR OWN!!!


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