Monday, April 19, 2010

The tin comes off!

The tin came off!

Last summer..some of you may remember me laying tin over my grass to kill it for a garden.  I wish I had thought of it in the spring last year..It would have had longer to "cook"...But even starting late in August,the sheet roofing did a wonderful job of killing off most of the grass!!
So Briar and I took the tin off and I laid down all the landscape fabric I bought...about 300 square feet...If this garden does well..I will expand it to its limits next year.

Now I just need to order a load of garden soil to be laid over the landscape fabric..I need to do it soon... the beets and onions should be going in the ground this week!
I plan on devoting a section of the garden to a traditional native 3 sister garden...of Corn..climbing beans and pumpkin and squash...companion planting at its best!
I also have started some french marigolds and some leeks...I will plant the marigold   between each tomatoe plant..and rows of onions an leeks inbetween the rows..also to help dicourage my dogs I will plan and onion/leak border around the garden.
Stay tuned!!!


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