Wednesday, March 24, 2010

For gardeners having a hard time finding seeds...

Seed Saving!

In these times of troubled environmental issues...many of us are going back to the ways of our grandparents as much as possible.  We have grown up in an era where we have believed much of what we are told...Doctors told us we HAD to have anti-biotics for many of our ailments...I was actually 11 years old before recieving my first dose of penicillan for a severe case of tonsilitis..By the time my second son was born..he received his first dose at less than a month old.  We are told all of the values of things like "miracle grow" and "round up"..but it is hard to find the down sides..even in the fine print. Ways are being lost...and some things once lost are very difficult to recover again!  For instance..I raise buy feed at the feed store correct? But it IS possible to grow your own feed..or at least enough to supplament your feed store ration!!

As I have stated before..Many sweeping changes begin with one small change..I am fond of saying that mine started with quilting and going back to using waxed paped to wrap sandwiches instead of plastic baggies.  Since I started those two practices..I have made many more changes...This next one is going back to gardening..I used to grow almost all our own veggies and do all my own canning..I am going back to that again..or as much as I can.  I was never one to pay attention to whether or not seeds were treated or untreated..whether they were hybrid tomatoe plants I bought or not..Recently I read and article on something called mangle beets..These beets apparently grow very large and woody..and are not very went ( for the most part) the way of the DoDo..HOwever..They make EXCELLENT stock feed!! Back in the day before most animals were fed on grain and corn ( animals like cattle should never be fed corn!!!) Stock was winter fed on a combination of hay and root stock..such as carrots..turnips and beets..these mangle beets have a nick name..
FODDER beets..why? Because they grow large and woody and animals..INCLUDING chickens..LOVE them!!! I decided to grow some this supplement my chickens winter grain feed...But I found a dilema...where to find them????
You see..because they are no longer POPULAR with home canners and stores and market sellers...the seeds are not in demand..I had to send to SASKATCHEWN for my seeds!!  So I have decided...I am going to start saving seeds when ever possible..but much to my chagrin..It has eluded me as to HOW to collect and save seeds.  So I have found a wonderful website that tells you how!! Until last year I was not aware that saving seeds from a HYBRID plant..( isn't that a NICE name for genetic modification?) may result in a totally different plant!! So If I buy plants from the market that I cannot start on my own..I read the tag  to make sure they are NOT hybrids!!
Here is the websit for saving seeds!
I truly hope this blogs helps others back to the path of simplicity!~


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