Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wolf Holler Rocky Road Jars..make a GREAT gift!

Wolf Holler Rocky Road Jars are something I like to give as small gifts at Christmas time...Its fun and  easy to make.  You assemble the jar and attach the recipe...all the receiver need do is add Peanut butter and butter and mix it up! 

Are you ready? Here Goes!

Ingredients! can actually use many things in this rocky road..but two ingredients should NEVER vary..and thats the mini marshmellows and chocolate chips!  Without them you have no rocky road...This year my other two ingredients are chipit toffee pieces and walnuts...these can be substitutes with your favorite nuts..and a variety of other  things such as coloured chips..or butterscotch chipits.

You will also need some one litre mason jars and screw down lids.

Some paper muffin cups and a canning funnel helps.

Pour into jar 3/4 cup of walnut pieces...1/2 cup if you are in the US and using Quart jars as they are smaller.

Then 3/4 ( or 1/2) cup Toffee bits! Being careful to not MIX the two layers.

Then..using the canning funnel..pour in mini marshmellows to overflowing!
This is to create pressure and hold the layers together once the marshmellows are pushed down.

Then..Gently using a paper muffin cup to create a down the mini marshmellows..creating JUST enough space for the chocolate chips!

Then top with 1 to 1 and 1/2 cups of chocolate chips..this year I am using semi-sweet.  Make sure the chips are level with jar top.

Screw on lid securely..then cover top with a circle of wrapping paper or holiday fabric..and tie on with a ribbon..Print off the directions and tie to the jar with ribbon and put a name tag on it for who it is for!

This Recipe says...

" Wolf Holler Rocky Road"
It's EASY!
In a double boiler melt 1/2cup of smooth peanut butter and 1 TBS butter or margerine.
Add the chocolate chips from top of jar. Stir until melted smoot.
Remove from heat and allow to cool ..but not enough to SET.
In a seperate bowl pour the remaining contents of jar.Pour cooling melted mixture over dry ingredients.  Stir until dry ingredients are completely covered.  Press into 8" square buttered cake pan. Chill THOROUGHLY until set. Slice into squares!
Merry Christmas!

The reason the melted mixture has to cool so that it does NOT melt the marshmellows.  Again..This makes a great gift for teachers..bus drivers...neighbours...anyone really! I try ..the operative word her is keep a few jars handy for unexpected visitors that you would like to gift.

Hope you enjoy this treat..which has quickly become a holiday tradition in my house!


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