Friday, September 11, 2009

My First Quilt

About 20 years ago..I was a single mom on a fixed income...I had just moved into a little town house in Peterborough Ontario..I had just enough essentials to "make do" with for a pleasant if a bit spartan home...My cousin drove up from Oshawa with a swivel rocker chair on the back of her truck..My aunt had lovingly sent it to fill out my meagre selection of furniture...Wrapped around this chair was an old thread bare comforter...My cousin told me that it was a throw away so don't worry about being..ME..I immediately put it in the wash and tossed it in my little apartment sized dryer...POOF! It did not survive in usable form...Never having made a quilt...never even having actually SEEN a quilt up close...I was game to try anything...I gathered up my sons flannal receiving blankets ( He was almost 2 now) and started to " Patch" this comforter back together by hand..It took me about 4 months...but a quilter was born..I learned fast affter that..but that first one looked like a "FrankinQuilt"  ( Frankenstein quilt) to me..but my son LOVED it..he used it for 12 years..lang after his legs had out grown its length...and it was in tatters...When he went to live with his bio-dad at age 14...I threw it away..He was FURIOUS!! But come the next Christmas..he recieved a NEW patchwork quilt...and YES folks..I had managed to salvage a few pieces from the original..and worked them up into 3 or 4 blocks in the new quilt...When he opened that quilt..and found the few blocks that were from his OLD KIKI..he rubbed them on his cheek with a little sigh...needless to say..I was gratified..and yes a little teary.
Putting the finishing touches on that first quilt Dec 1989!
A Quilter was Born!

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