Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Chicken Coop!

  Last year we had to tear off the old roof and put on a new one..This was a big job and HUGE thanks goes out to family who showed up and gave their time and love to helping us replace the roof...The result of the new roof...was a HUGE garbage pile of wood..tin sheets and odd bits of siding ( the slope had to be siding had to be removed and new added)
  When deciding to build the chicken coop this srping..we wanted to make it cost effective..Being as we still have not got rid of much of the materials from the "roofing" we decided to salvage what we could for the coop.  The result was wonderful!! The only new materials we bought were 2x4s, some nails and screws!! The rest was all recycled from our heap or gleaned from the woods around us!!!  Also..I put a call out in the local newsletter for chicken wire fencing..and was able to barter for the wire...the lady giving it to me being kind enough to "wait" for the eggs until the hens are laying! The whole coop cost us under $100!
The front and visiblae side are sided with old siding..the roof and back walls are covered in tin..the door and windows came from and old shed our back that we are tearing down...We buried tin around the foundation of the fence..( buried the wire too) and covered the top of the yard with wire also..racoons are a real problem around here if you are not careful! Even with all these precautions..we close them in at night..they are well protected!
I am begining to think my husband is one of the handiest man alive!!

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